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The UPR occurs once every 4-5 years and is extremely important in fostering accountability & change.  The United States' latest Universal Periodic Review occurred November 9, 2020. The US received a record 300+ recommendations from 100+ UN Member States. These are compiled in the Draft Report of the Universal Periodic Review -- available to view here. 

This March, the new Biden-Harris administration will respond to these recommendations. In a letter to the U.S. Department of State, the UPR Task Force urged the administration to adopt these recommendations and enact policies that reverse the harm of human rights violations and improve the human rights situtation in the United States. 

Below are sample social media posts & tweets. Feel free to tailor this content for your community, and use data points and hashtags that are relevant and impactful to your audience.  Make sure to also follow USHRN on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.


  • On February 9, the UPR Task Force sent @StateDept a letter urging meaningful engagement in the upcoming review & adoption of November's UPR recommendations.  300+ recommendations were issued by 100+ member states. Learn more:

  • "When the U.S. appears in front of @UN_HRC in March, it will be a critical opportunity to signal support for human rights." Read the full letter by UPR Task Force to @StateDept urging full & meaningful engagement in the upcoming UPR process. #AccountabilityNow

  • The Biden Administration’s @StateDept can address human rights violations of previous administration by adopting UPR recommendations on racial justice, capital punishment, universal health care, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ and sex workers’ rights, housing & more. #USUPR

  • As US adoption of #UPR2020 recommendations approaches, we urge @StateDept to adopt the 300+ recommendations to improve human rights in the US. Read more:


  • UPR-Specific:
    #USUPR #AccountabilityNow #HumanRightsatHome #UPR2020

  • Issue Areas:
    #BlackLivesMatter #HousingisaHumanRight #TransLivesMatter #SexWorkisWork #FreeThemAll #HealthcareforAll #EndPoliceBrutality #LGTQIARightsNow #IndigenousRightsareHumanRights #RespecttheTreaties #ClimateActionNow #GenderEqualityNow #ReproJustice #VotingRights #CountEveryVote  #ImmigrationisaRight #AsylumSeekers


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