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The UPR occurs once every 4-5 years and is extremely important in fostering accountability & change.  We urge you to spread the word about this unique mechanism (happening Monday, November 9 at 8:30 am ET on It is important to remind your audience of the human rights violations of this administration as it faces global review and scrutiny. 

Below are sample social media posts & tweets. Feel free to tailor this content for your community, and use data points and hashtags that are relevant and impactful to your audience -- for example, violations of the human right to housing, education, immigration, health, etc.  Make sure to also follow USHRN on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.


  • Hold the US accountable! Tune in to @UNWebTV Monday, Nov. 9 for the Universal Periodic Review.  Member states will review the Trump administration's human rights record as the world looks on. @USHRN will be live-tweeting from 8:30 ET onwards - join the conversation! #UPR2020

  • 225,000+ COVID-19 deaths.  12.6 million unemployed.  5,500 children separated from their parents at the border.  545 still missing. 567,715 individuals experiencing homelessness. Tune in Nov 9 at 8:30 am ET as @UN reviews the US Govt's human rights record. @UNWebTV #UPR2020

  • Tune in to @UNWebTV Nov. 9 at 8:30 am ET as the Trump administration's human rights record is scrutinized by UN member states during the Universal Periodic Review. We must hold the US accountable! #UPR2020 #AccountabilityNow


  • UPR-Specific:
    #UPR2020 #AccountabilityNow #HumanRightsatHome

  • Issue Areas:
    #BlackLivesMatter #HousingisaHumanRight #TransLivesMatter #SexWorkisWork #FreeThemAll #HealthcareforAll #EndPoliceBrutality #LGTQIARightsNow #IndigenousRightsareHumanRights #RespecttheTreaties #ClimateActionNow #GenderEqualityNow #ReproJustice #VotingRights #CountEveryVote  #ImmigrationisaRight #AsylumSeekers


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