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Writing one-pagers

Updated: Dec 18, 2019


One-pager template - click to download

Sample one-pager: "The Charter School Model and the Right to Education in the United States" - click to download

Sample one-pager: Migrant Farmworker Access to Justice and Healthcare - click to download

Sample one-pager: Housing - click to download

Sample one-pager: Healthcare - click to download


By UPR Task Force Co-Chair Joshua Cooper

The heart of the Interaction phase is Coordination of translating the single and joint stakeholder reports bringing together all of the complaints, criticism, as well as constructive considerations to realize human rights in the United States of America.  

It is important to reconnect with one’s community, city, and country-wide thematic partners to move beyond naming and shaming toward framing and claiming our rights. For each human rights violation documented in the stakeholder reports, one can summarize the Issues linked to rights enshrined in the UN Charter, the UDHR, the core human rights treaties ratified, rights cited in a UN Human Rights Council Special Procedures country visit or thematic report, UN Specialized Agency, Program and Fund mandates as well as international humanitarian law. Then, one can work together to create most imminent and important Questions to pose to the United States of America during the 3.5 hour UPR. The final focus of the 1-2 pager is the framing and claiming of a series of developing SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, time-sensitive) Recommendations.

We, the people living the violations, are the experts and know more than most what needs to be done to right the human wrongs. We, the people can draft language that is significant, meaningful as well as motivating that is results based and time bound with specific steps to realize the recommendations. While we are the experts, it is possible to begin becoming familiar with the UPR-INFO database that stores all questions and recommendations with a tool to search by theme what has been done in the initial first and second cycle as well as so far in the current third cycle. One can review what questions have been posed and recommendations provided in previous examination of states. However, it is important to come together and craft together with partners from the Preparation phase what you really want to say with specific steps to shape the future of the nation. The 1 -2 pager will be used throughout the Interaction phase in our cities, the country, and global community. 

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