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What Comes After the UPR?

The human rights record of the United States was reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Council on November 9, 2020 during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). If you missed the live webcast, you may view the recording here. The USHRN also hosted a post-UPR/US Election November Call, which you can view here.

The presentation by the US delegation was disappointing and misleading. Thanks to the work of civil society organizations accurate information was presented to UN member states prior to the UPR session, and that was reflected in the comments and recommendations made to the US by more than 100 countries. There was overwhelming concern expressed over police violence and systemic racism, access to healthcare, capital punishment, and women's reproductive rights.

Following the review, the Human Rights Council will work on a draft report. The US has time until the adoption of the report to respond to the recommendations made during the UPR session. Civil society organizations can engage in advocacy to influence the adoption of recommendations. There is also the opportunity for some civil society organizations to make an oral intervention at the session where the Human Rights Council adopts the report of the review.

In addition to advocating for the adoption of recommendation, we encourage civil society organizations to publicize the recommendations made to the United States government. This way, we make sure the US government knows we are holding them accountable and demand a response.

Make sure to check this website for information regarding post-UPR activities.

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