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What is a Working Group?

Please download our Working Group Facilitators Road Map here.

Issue Area Working Groups (for example, Housing, Environmental Justice, etc.) are the USHRN organizing structures that facilitates the engagement of members doing similar types of work. This structure allows human rights defenders to work collectively by sharing information, working on joint projects, and pooling resources and information to robustly engage in a process to protect human rights in the United States. The working groups meet (via video or phone calls) as often as needed to relationship-build, strategize, create work plans, and provide support for its members.

Working Group Products:

Working group (WG) facilitators are responsible for coordinating the working group in order to produce the following:*

● A ​five-page report on behalf of each organization (orgs work on this individually, but receive guidance from the WG).

● A ​one-paragraph summary of each organization’s report for inclusion in the Network’s executive summary (orgs work on this individually, but receive guidance from the WG).

● A 10-page stakeholder report ​(this will simply be a summary of the individual org’s reports together in one document). Facilitators can ask other WG members to take the lead on this.

For further information on Working Groups including the role of Working Group Facilitators and information on stakeholder report submissions, please download our Working Group Facilitators Road Map.

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