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Press Release: Adoption of US UPR Outcomes

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

All Eyes on U.S. as New Administration Considers Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Human Rights Recommendations

The United States’ response to its human rights obligations is front and center this week. March 17th is the day the U.S. appears at the U.N. Human Rights Council to declare its human rights intentions, as part of an ongoing periodic review of the U.S. Human Rights record (the UN UPR).

The question for most people, including those directly engaged in rigorous education and action in the lead-up to this critical decision point is this: will the Biden-Harris administration walk the talk and follow through on its promise to reverse the horrendous trajectory of the last 4 years? This is a promise the U.S. must keep – and it starts with fully re-engaging in the human rights arena, starting right here at home.

The US Human Rights Network, through its member-led UPR Task Force, is hosting a virtual press conference to highlight what’s at stake on March 17th, 2021 as our newly elected leadership chooses to adopt, or reject, over 340 recommendations to address ongoing human rights violations. This long list of international and domestic violations was the result of a lengthy UPR process which took over 2 years, thousands of individuals, organizations, NGOs, and everyday people in “civil society”, to demand accountability and action from the U.S.…especially regarding violations against its own people.

Join us via Zoom at 7a CST/8a EST to demand the US implement the maximum number of UPR recommendations, and that they fully embrace and ensure universal international human rights standards for all humans and our planet. Key recommendations include establishing a National Human Rights Commission, and full recognition of economic, social, and cultural rights. We are in a new era that demands new policies and new approaches, and we strongly urge that every future action include transparent, inclusive, engagement of U.S. civil society to ensure the people most directly impacted by rights violations, can participate in the transformative solutions.

Details: Here is the press event Zoom link. Advance registration required.

Contact: Dr. Vickie Casanova-Willis, Co-Executive Director, 708-712-4726 or

About the USHRN The US Human Rights Network is a national network of organizations and individuals working to strengthen a human rights movement and culture within the United States led by the people most directly impacted by human rights violations. We work to secure dignity and justice for all.

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