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Update: US Government Releases Response to UPR

On March 4, 2021, the U.S. Government released its official response to the UPR Report developed in November 2020, following the Universal Periodic Review of the US. In part, the response states: "The United States (U.S.) has carefully reviewed the 347 recommendations received. This response reflects our continuing efforts, in consultation with civil society, to promote, protect, and respect human rights for all.

Some recommendations ask us to achieve an ideal, e.g., end discrimination or police

brutality, and others request action not entirely within the power of our Federal Executive

Branch, e.g., adopt legislation, ratify treaties, or act at the state level. We support or support

in part these recommendations when we share their ideals, are making serious efforts to

achieve their goals, and intend to continue doing so. Nonetheless, we recognize,

realistically, that the United States may never completely accomplish what is described in

these recommendations’ literal terms."

Please stay tuned for next steps from the UPR Task Force. You may download the official document here, or view this and related documents on the OHCHR website here.

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