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Please support a USHRN delegation to the UN on Giving Tuesday!

It’s that time of year again where we come to you asking for your support! December 3 marks Giving Tuesday, and this year the Network is gearing up to support a delegation of USHRN members who are fundraising to travel to the United Nations in Geneva next May, hoping to participate in the official UN review of the United States’ human rights record.

Read about our hopeful delegation members here, and donate to support their fundraising efforts.

The 2019-2020 United Nations Review of the United States human rights record provides an important opportunity for human rights advocates to build support for more people-centered national and local policies. Organizers in cities and communities across the US have submitted reports to the UN on the human rights challenges faced by people around the country. 

Our next step is to send delegations of grassroots human rights defenders to lobby UN officials to bring our human rights priorities and recommendations into the official proceedings of the US Universal Periodic Review, which will occur in May 2020. We need you to help support this delegation with your donation!

Please help us build on the powerful work of grassroots human rights activists and help us show the international community that, despite the actions of the Trump Administration, US residents believe in human rights and are fighting day in and day out to secure them! We know from past work that grassroots organizers can have a powerful impact on the thinking of international officials, and the experience of seeing the United Nations in action can help our movements develop creative ideas for using these mechanisms to build power. 

Please make a contribution to support our grassroots delegation to the UN. Working together, we can amplify our voices in the global conversation about how we can improve human rights conditions for more of the world’s people.

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