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Working Groups


Issue-area Working Groups provide human rights defenders with an opportunity to work collectively by sharing information, working on joint projects, and pooling resources and information to robustly engage in a process to protect human rights in the United States. Working Groups meet via video or phone calls as often as needed to build relationships, strategize, create work plans and provide support for its members.


As we progress towards the UPR in November continued advocacy is critical.  Through Working Groups you can organize to target your advocacy. USHRN has tools to help you learn which countries are most likely to advocate for your issues based on their past UPR recommendations or their own policies and priorities.  You will then reach out to representatives from those countries and provide them with key information that they can question the U.S. government about during the review.


Create a 1-page document on your issue(s) of interest for your working group to give to government representatives at the embassies and missions. Providing this information will ensure that your issues are brought to their attention.


In order to join a Working Group please contact the Working Group Chair AND CC the UPR Coordinator
Kerry McLean:

Join a Working Group: List

Artificial Intelligence

Chair: Donna Murray,

Children's Rights

Chair: Julia Perez,

Briefing Documents: View Here

Criminal Justice

Chairs: Jamil Dakwar, ACLU, jdakwar@aclu.orgNadia Ben-Youssef,

Briefing Documents: View Here, Here,and Here

Additional Materials: UN Briefing and Follow-Up Statement


Chairs: Dominic Latty,; Genevieve Whitaker, 


Chair: Ramon Montano,

Equality and Non-Discrimination

Chair: Natalie Collier,


Chair: Mary Gerisch,

Housing, Water & Sanitation

Chairs: Eric Tars, and Rob Robinson,
Briefing Documents: View Here, Here, Here, and Here


Chair: Eduardo Canales,

Information Access
Chairs: Rebecca Hankins, rhankins@tamu.eduPaula Buchanan,

National Human Rights Cities Alliance
Chairs: Jackie Smith,; Joshua Cooper,

People of African Descent

Chair: Vickie Casanova-Willis,

Briefing Documents: View Here, Here and Here

Additional Materials: UN Briefing and Follow-Up Statement

Police Violence
Chair: Crista Noel,

Briefing Document:  View Here

Additional Materials: UN Briefing and Follow-Up Statement

Sex Workers' Rights

Penelope Saunders, bestpracticespolicyproject@gmail.comMonica Jones,
Briefing Document: View Here

Sexual & Gender Rights

Chair: Ricci Joy Levy,

Voting Rights

Chair: Jeanne Mirer, 

Briefing Document: View Here

Women's Rights

Chair: Denice Labertew,
Briefing Document: View Here

Workers' Rights

Chair: Mary Gerisch,

Briefing Document: View Here

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