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Since 2003, the US Human Rights Network has worked to build and strengthen a people-centered human rights movement in the United States, one that is led by people most directly impacted by human rights violations.  We remain at the forefront of shaping and growing a movement that includes grassroots organizations and individuals. 

Our national network is made up of individual and organizational members that vary in size, focus, and scope of work.  Organizational member groups are large, nationally-focused organizations, theme-specific organizations, multi-issue organizations, and small, community-based organizations working to address issues impacting their local communities. Together, we are able to come together, build strength in national and local human rights issues and develop shadow/stakeholder reports for civil society convenings. 

Become a member today!

Individual Membership

Organizational Membership

USHRN members have access to the following support & benefits:

  • Access to the United Nations and other international mechanisms to hold the U.S. government accountable to its human rights obligations;

  • Webinars for member organizations to better engage with the UN system;

  • On the ground and/or online human rights education trainings;

  • Access to sharing campaign, reports, and updates via bi-monthly membership meetings and monthly newsletters;

  • Eligibility for Network support to participate in human rights delegations, events, and trainings;

  • Bi-monthly membership calls to connect with grassroots organizations across the US

Membership requirements:

  • Annual member dues contribution* More information on dues here

  • Commitment to USHRN core principles

  • Engage and support USHRN member-led campaign and advocacy efforts 

*Membership dues fee waivers are available for both organizations and individuals. Click here to apply for a fee waiver.

The US Human Rights Network is a 501(C)3 organization. All membership dues and donations are 100% tax deductible.


If you have any questions or want to check the status of your membership, feel free to contact our Membership Team at or (404)588-9761.

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